ACTC 2019 Holy Week and Easter Report – Gary J.L.X

We have an awesome and imaginative report from our very own Gary, who is a regular at the Chaplaincy! He is a massive Marvel fan (who is looking to take a break from this to focus on his studies) and has combined this passion with his experiences of Holy Week and Easter. Hope you enjoy it!

Overall, April was a great time for someone whoโ€™s passionate and willing to become a changed man. His long-term Marvel superhero journey ended, and a new man began to move on to his next journey to start his career goal!

It began with another passionate, faithful, fruitful and sorrowful Good Friday ceremony. The Faith Squad once again walked Our Lord Jesus’ journey at the Stations of The Cross before The Resurrection. On the next day for the Easter Week celebration, the Diocesan Faith Squad shared and prayed for their new faith journey at the Easter Potluck Lunch (hosted by ACYM) with joyful and heavenly tasty Butter Chicken, delightful salads, soups, rice and invigorating sweet flavoured Easter chocolate cakes for dessert which refreshed our bodies, minds, and souls. The Pot Luck also included some dramatic, embarrassing and hilarious life stories with past personalities, love, hope, and prayer.

โ€œI am no longer the man that I used to be, I am a changed man who just wants to become the man that I am meant to be!โ€

The ending of my 2019 Easter was absolutely infinite, furious, terrifying, emotional with a happy ending and the beginning of the brand-new future of humanity and the entire universe across the galaxies. More importantly, for my own study, my career, my future, and my life, I have ended my long-term superhero journey. Even though the journey may come back, just for now, I am taking a break! Finally, let us salute for those true heroes and those who were beloved and lost in Sri Lanka during Easter. Let them rest peacefully with Our God who saved our world. We will remember them!

May there be peace to humanity and our world!

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