The Eucharist is the bomb g. – Mary Tabaco

I struggle with two things- humility and surrender, but to simply know that I lack in these is not enough. It took me a long time to realise that my ache can only be healed by spiritual food and not fast food. This is what the Eucharist is all about. We are increasingly renewed because Jesus is literally in us through the bread and wine. We have an active responsibility to perfect ourselves because mama always said, “whom more is given, more is expected.” We can’t simply rock up to Mass and be like “alright Jesus. I am here. Transform me.” No to the no, sister.
Mother Teresa of Calcutta once said “Your life must be woven around the Eucharist. Direct your eyes to Him, who is the Light; bring your hearts very close to His Divine Heart; ask Him for the grace to know Him, for the charity to love Him, for the courage to serve Him. Seek Him longingly.” To fully live out our relationship with Jesus, we ought to actively participate in Mass because the Eucharist is the Sacrifice of the Lamb. The Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world- who takes away MY sins.
Ever since I learnt of this at Hearts Aflame (the best summer school eva! 10/10 would recommend), I have never looked at the Eucharist the same. In it, He is fully present and the Holy Spirit comes down and transforms it into bread that gives life and wine that washes away sins. It is with the Holy Spirit that I was able to know that I struggle with humility and surrender, and now I desire more than just to know- I desire to be transformed. Transformed into one body, which is the body of Christ. Kinda like the Power Rangers whenever they assembled into one big Power Ranger. We are not simply the church because we’re all in the same parish community, but rather “in the Eucharist we receive the body of Christ and are being increasingly transformed into the Body of Christ” (CCC 1325). The body which died for us so that we may partake in the intimate embrace between the Father and the Son in a mysterious way here on earth. There is no greater love than this. There is no greater love than the Eucharist.


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