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Meet the Chaplains for 2019!

(From the left: Molly Florence, Dom Malgeri, Fr. Chris Denham, Felicity Meijer and Shana Llorando)

ACTC is made up of one priest chaplain and four lay chaplains. Read below to get to know each of them!

Fr Chris Denham: I’m a true Roman Catholic, born in Rome, but a kiwi through and through (don’t let the accent fool you). An old boy of St Patrick’s College in Wellington, after years of moving around, both New Zealand and the world, I spent six years with the Dominican friars in Australia before returning to New Zealand and being ordained for the Diocese of Auckland. I’ve worked in the parishes of Papakura, Devonport, and Warkworth. In addition to being the Tertiary Chaplain I am also the parish priest of Parnell. My hobbies are music, reading and arguing and I’m always happy to share them with anyone.

Shana Llorando: Hi y’all! I’m Shana and I’m back for my second year at the Chaplaincy! Previously I worked as a youth minister for the Auckland Catholic Youth and Young Adult Ministry Team and studied Popular Music and Commerce at the University of Auckland. I also write, record and perform music under the moniker ‘Valere’. Christ, creativity and community are my passions; you can find me delving into one or more of the mentioned…oh and of course coffee! I’m an INFJ, quality-time-loving, basketball-watching, daughter of the King who is trying her best to walk the path to sainthood, who also has an angry alter-ego named ‘Shonda’ when I play ‘Phase 10’ (especially when I’m losing)…we should play a game sometime!

Felicity Meijer: Hey I’m Felicity, the newest addition to the ACTC family! I’m so looking forward to getting to meet all of you this year! Before joining ACTC I worked part time on the Auckland Catholic Youth Ministry team (ACYM), and I studied a bachelor of Theology at Laidlaw College. I love dance, music, writing, coffee and bad puns, among other things! I’m always up for a good chat about life, faith, or just some silliness. See you soon and God bless

Dominic Malgeri: Hey guys I am still here, that’s right almost 6 years chaplain-ing and they haven’t broken me! For those of you that don’t know me I am Dom, I have lived in NZ for 7 years now but hail from the gentle rolling hills of the beautiful Lancashire county in the UK, so I am as British as fish and chips and as northern as pies and gravy. This is my last year working for the chaplaincy though as I embark up on a nursing degree and father-hood AT THE SAME TIME! But God is good, and there is no rest for the blessed so pray for me and family and I’ll see you in the chapel and the chaplaincy or crying in a corner in one of the university Libraries. God bless

 Molly Florence: My name is Molly Florence, I am 23 years old and I am currently working as a chaplain at ACTC. I grew up on a little farm just south of Rotorua but prior to starting at chaplaincy I spent 18 months at CDC, firstly as a student and then as a member of the mission team. My favourite place to be is outside, whether that is at the beach, or in the forest (with a mountain bike!) I enjoy meeting new people, playing the piano and my favourite flavour of icecream is goody goody gumdrops.